How we came to be

Think about how much of your wardrobe you actually wear on a regular basis! Not all of it and especially special occasion outfits. With so many events in our lives (think; birthdays, weddings, baby showers, 21sts etc) the 'wear once' and 'new event new outfit' mindset is hard to keep up with, wasteful and expensive! this is where Love it Loan it steps in... 

Being a student in Dunedin, you find your calendar filling up with social events pretty quickly! 21sts, balls, wine & cheese's, races, BYOs the list goes on! I would often buy new dresses for these events and I hate to say it, but I would only wear them once or twice! They got regular outings from my friends who loved to raid my wardrobe, which sparked an idea!

I combined my love for shopping and hunting down all the new designer picks with the idea that these dresses will be getting the love they deserve, and I get my money back! It also helps you guys look your best for your busy social lives at a fraction of the cost. Renting also removes that guilty feeling you get when you look at your bursting wardrobe, filled with unworn items. 

I used funds from my part-time job and another small business I ran (some of you Dunedin gals might know the cake Instagram @treatsbyleash) to buy in some gorgeous new season and old favourite dresses! Voila! Love it Loan it was born! 

I have recruited my sister as a business partner and collectively we run Love it Loan it!

Even though LILI is a relatively new business, we are growing by the minute! I am overwhelmed at all the support we have received so far and I am so extremely grateful for you all! 

I have big plans for this small business, so watch this space x