Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before the renting of any garment with Love it Loan it.

With the renting of any garment through Love it Loan it, you automatically agree and are bound to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions you can not use our service




IF YOUR BOOKING NEEDS TO BE CANCELLED/CHANGED DUE TO COVID – We are offering store credit to all orders affected by these circumstances. Store credit will be equal to your purchase order and this does not expire. In the case of the garment already being shipped, this must be shipped back immediately and we cannot refund shipping costs, store credit will be excl. shipping.


If your event has been postponed and you would like to rent the same/different garment for your new date, please contact us and we can change your dates (providing they are available)

The rental is for the period of time that has been agreed upon between the customer and Love it Loan it. If you fail to return the items on time, further fees will be charged.

If the garment is not sent or dropped off within the next working day, a late fee of $10.00 will be charged to you. For weekend rentals (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) the garment will need to be returned Monday. For weekday rentals, the return date will need to be discussed and is conditional to future bookings. If you rent a garment on a weekday you must be prepared to return it the next day, before midday. 

If the garment still hasn’t arrived back to 3 working days after your booking period, you will be charged a further 100% of the rental fee. 

If the garment does not return you will be charged 150% of the retail value, to cover the cost of a replacement and lost revenue. This includes same day try ons. This replacement fee is to be determined by Love it Loan it. 

Once the item has arrived to you, you hold the responsibility to these items. Renting a garment through Love it Loan it, you agree to treat the items with care so that unnecessary damage does not occur. You will be held accountable for loss, destruction or damage to the goods due to theft, fire, major stains, rips, disappearance, or any other occurrences that may result in the product being unusable, based on our rental standards. This does not include normal wear and tear. 

Love it Loan it Limited remain the legal owner of the garment at all times.

If the returned garment is beyond what is considered normal wear and tear then you hereby authorise Love it Loan it Limited to charge your credit card 100% of the value of the product when originally purchased, this includes damage that occurs during a try on appointment and take home try ons. RRP is stated in the description of each product. If the damaged garment is a high demand item and/or sold out online, you will be charged 100% of the retail price and must send the garment back to us. We will assess the damage and determine future action. If any damage/rips/breakages occur to the garment you will be charged a $25 repair fee

This is at Love it Loan it Limited's discretion. 

If the customer has attempted to clean the garment themselves and this has been done incorrectly, this can lead to damage and excess strain on the fabric and therefore a charge of $25.00 will be issued.

This is at Love it Loan it’s discretion.

Once Love it Loan it dispatches the garment or it has been picked up, it is out of our control what happens. We always ensure our garments are sent early so there is plenty of time for them to arrive. We have no control after the garment has been posted, so on the rare chance your garment does not arrive we can not offer you a refund. Love it Loan it takes no responsibility for your own error when selecting styles, sizes, patterns and colours. If you contact us within 24 hours of your booking this may be amended, but we cannot guarantee anything. Store credit may be issued in the case of any courier issue

Saturday delivery is NOT guaranteed. Garments ordered with Saturday delivery are exempt from non-arrival refunds. 

If you want to cancel your booking, you must do so before 48hrs of your rental period. For example, if you have booked for the Saturday, you must contact us for a cancellation no later than Thursday. If the garment has already been posted, it must be sent back the same day as delivery for a credit. Shipping will not be refunded. This is at Love it Loan it's discretion 

If you lose or damage your pre-paid and addressed postage bag, you must send the garment back through New Zealand post via overnight courier. Contact Love it Loan it ASAP to let us know the return tracking has changed and advise us of the new tracking number. If the garment is sent back via normal postage (not overnight courier) a late fee of $20 will be charged

Once your order has been confirmed, we will uphold the agreement by delivering the garment you have ordered, in the correct style, size, pattern and colour, on the date requested to the address you have provided. We take great pride in our garments and services. We inspect them thoroughly before each rental period to make sure they are clean, undamaged and ready to wear. If your rented garment is not up to standard you must contact Love it Loan it within 3 hours of receiving your garment, anything after this 3 hour period will be deemed as the customers responsibility. If your garment is incorrect you must contact us within 24 hours of delivery.

Refunds/credits will only be issued after the garment has been returned to us

This agreement is an agreement to hire from Love it Loan it Limited and wear the garment during your rental period. The garment is a single use and is not a right for multi person wear or more than one event. If we are alerted to a situation where one rental has been worn by multiple people in one rental period, the rental fee will be charged to the original customer accordingly.

The rental fee for the products will be all charges listed on the website in connection with your rental of the products upon submitting your order for the same. In submitting your order for the products, you agree to authorise us to charge your credit card for the rental fee. Upon submitting an order we will charge your credit card the amount of the rental fee immediately. 

If you decide to cancel your rental, please contact Love it Loan it directly, as a store credit may be issued at our discretion. Contact must be made within 24 hours of delivery/pickup for the possibility of a refund, anything after this will not receive a refund (store credit only). If you cancel within 48hours of the rental day, you will not be eligible for a refund or store credit. Payment for an upcoming rental must be made immediately, if there is no payment within 24 hours of the agreed rental period you automatically default your rental.

You agree that any photos you send of yourself in our clothing may appear on our Instagram or our website www.loveitloanit.nz

Love it Loan it Limited reserves the right to take all steps necessary to collect any amounts due from you as outlined in this rental agreement, including but not limited to legal action and/or using third party collection agencies. All debt collection fees will be at your expense. We would really hate to use this option, so please don’t let it happen.