How it works!

New to the renting game? no worries! we have you sorted, here is how we do things at LILI...

  1. Browse our range of garments! to make this easier for you we have quick links where you can shop by size or style!
  2. Once you have selected the outfit you want, select the date you will be wearing the garment! (unavailable dates will be greyed out) For example if you are wearing it on a Saturday please select the Saturday! If you select 1-2 days earlier (when you want the garment to arrive), the return day will be 1-2 days earlier. Meaning you will have to send the garment back before you have had the chance to wear it!
  3. Make sure you read through our Terms & Conditions before finalising your rental! You can check them out here
  4. Follow through the checkout process so we can get all of your details and make sure your garment arrives to the right place - on time!
  5. Select shipping option! If you are able to pick up your chosen garment from our address in Dunedin, select this option. if you need it to be shipped, select the return shipping option
  6. Complete checkout! Pay for your garment to secure your booking
  7. Your chosen garment will arrive 1-2 working days before your event!
  8. Rock your designer outfit for the night! Don't forget to tag us in any snaps you post on Instagram, we love seeing customers all dressed up
  9. The next working day, pop the garment in the return shipping bag (supplied) and hand it over the counter at the post shop. Handing it over the counter is important because they scan it, so I know its on the way back (otherwise there could be a late fee!)
If you have any issues during the rental process do not hesitate to contact me!  //  @loveit_loanit


Happy hiring x