Postal Try-On

We offer a limited Postal Try-On service for those who are wanting to try our garment/s but aren't based in Dunedin!

Postal try ons are an efficient way for girls based outside of Dunedin to make sure they are happy with their chosen garment before renting! 

We will send your chosen 1-3 garments, you try them on and send them back the same day or very next day. If you decide to rent one of the garments, we will send you a unique discount code when you book!

Fees are $34 for 1 garment, $49 for 2 garments and $64 for 3 garments.

This includes return shipping ($14). The discount you will receive if you decide to rent will be $10 off, $15 off and $25 off (depending on which option you select)

How to book a postal try-on:

  1. Contact us (use the form below) to see if your chosen garment/s are available for a postal try-on. Let us know which garment/s you would like to try and when.
  2. After we have replied to you about your chosen garment's availability, buy a postal try-on. We have three options depending on how many garments you would like to try on.
  3. We will send your garment/s to you in the arranged time period and you will post them back to us.

Purchase your postal try-on here!

What happens next?

If you would like to rent one of your chosen garments for a future date, contact us to receive your unique discount code for $$ off your booking!

If you would like to rent for garment for that same week, contact us as soon as you can and we will send you a payment request for the difference. If you are planning on wearing a garment that weekend and have ordered 2-3, please let us know before we send them out so we can add an extra return bag for the other garment/s.

Discount is only applicable for the garment/s sent for try-on and no other garments. Code will expire after 3 months

What you need to know

If the garment doesn't fit, you won't be refunded.

Not all garments will be available to try-on via post. Some of our garments are super booked up, between rentals, dry-cleaning (and the odd repair) we hardly have them in-store! Because a postal try-on takes typically 4 days, we can only organise them when the garment does not have back to back bookings. 

Hint - have a look at the upcoming availability of the garment you would like to try to see if it might work!

A postal try-on purchase does not ‘hold’ your garment for your upcoming event.

Postal try-ons do not secure your garment for a specific date, only a rental booking does. We cannot offer holds of any sort

We do not offer this service to rural addresses. Because rural shipping takes 1-2 days longer we cannot run this service efficiently. 

You must send back the garment/s the same day. To ensure your services run smoothly, you must send back the garments the same day. If you are unable to send back the same day because of an unexpected issue arising, please let us know and send back the very next day. Late fees apply otherwise

Remember you can book a courier to collect the parcel from your home if you can't make it to a post office.

Our renting terms and conditions still apply. Postal try-ons are intended for a fitting only - NOT a rental, so they are to be returned unworn. Garments will be sent with a 'Do Not Remove' tag, if this is removed we will charge you the rental fee. If there are any marks/smells (tan, dirt, perfume etc) you will be charge a cleaning fee of $25. You are responsible for the garment during the time you have it and will be liable for any damage/theft/replacement.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us to organise a postal try-on, please do so! x