Frequently Asked Questions


What is Love it Loan it?

We are a designer rental boutique stocking a variety of dresses from different designers! Customers can choose a date they want to borrow a dress, pay a fraction of its RRP and send it back to us after they have worn it. Read more about us on our blog section or 'how it works'

How do I know if the dress I like is available for when I want it?

You can check availability yourself on our website by clicking on the preferred date of rental on the product calendar. If you are unable to click on certain dates then the garment is booked for then (dates will be greyed out). You can add yourself to a waitlist if your selected garment is booked for your date, you will automatically be emailed if the existing order is cancelled.

What date do I select when booking a garment?

Please book for the date you are wearing the dress, not when you want it to be delivered. The return date is based on this, It will be set to early if you select it earlier than the day you are wearing it. 
If you are travelling, select the day you are leaving 

For example, if you are wearing it on Saturday, however select for the Thursday, the return date will be set for Friday.

We send out garments in plenty of time, if we have a delay we will contact you.

How far in advance can I book my dress?

At the moment, you can book up to 6 months in advance! 

Where are you based?

We are based in Dunedin NZ.

I'm not in Dunedin, do you ship garments?

Yes we do! We ship NZ wide in home compostable and recycled courier bags. We have multiple shipping and delivery options, check out our shipping information page to learn more

When do you send out garments?

Our usual posting days are Tuesday and Wednesday for weekend rentals, as majority of the garments arrive back to us on Tuesdays and we collect them from the dry-cleaner on Wednesday. Sometimes if the garment gets back to us earlier (local rentals) we can post earlier!

We strictly use overnight shipping and aim for the garment to arrive 1-2 days before your rental period.

CUT OFF FOR POSTAL ORDERS IS WEDNESDAY 4pm - same weekend delivery 

Do you offer try on appointments?

Yes, we do! Check out our try-on information page for more, or book a fitting directly on our website.

Do you offer postal try-ons?

Yes we do! The availability will vary week to week as we can only offer postal try on around regular bookings, popular garments may not be available. To read more about our postal try-on service, visit the postal try-on page.

What if I can no longer make my event?

If you need to cancel a booking, you must let us know at least 1 week before your rental period to receive a full refund

If the garment has already been shipped, it must be sent back the same day as delivery for store credit/refund. In this case, shipping will not be refunded.

You are not guaranteed a refund, this is at our discretion only 

What happens if my event is cancelled due to Covid restrictions?

If you have a rental booking that needs to be cancelled due to COVID restrictions, we offer store credit only. If the entire country is at the same level, we will contact you in regards to your order, if certain areas (e.g your area) is in a different level then please contact us. 

What if a courier delay affects my order?

Courier delays can occur sometimes due to adverse weather, sale periods and accidents. We do our best to send garments out as early as possible for the best chance of arrival, yet sometimes these events are out of our control. Store credit may be issued in the case of a courier delay. Orders placed on Wednesday (after 2pm), Thursday or Friday fo the upcoming Friday/Saturday/Sunday are exempt from courier delayed store credit.

My rental doesn't fit! Can I send it back? 

We do our best to describe the outfits and the way they fit, we offer postal and local try ons to prevent this from happening!

If you are unsure about sizing, we would recommend checking the sizing chart for the brand of dress you want to hire, to see if their measurements match up to yours (size charts are located on each garment's page).

I need to cancel my garment, what happens next?

If you need to cancel your garment, please email/DM us as soon as possible to let us know. We are happy to offer a full refund if you give us plenty of notice before your rental period! Refunds take 3-5 days to appear back in your account.

You must contact us to change/cancel/discuss your rental within 24 hours of receiving the garment to be eligible for a refund or credit. Any time after this then store credit will be issued in the place of a refund. If the garment has already been posted and you cancel, shipping will not be refunded. 

I got a mark on my rental! Should I try and clean it myself?

If this happens, please message us straight away and we will advise you on what to do next. Generally we can get most of the marks out but in the case of serious staining, time is of the essence! 

But generally the hard work and cleaning is up to us! A lot of the dresses are delicate and have difficult fabric to work with, we know our garments inside out so we do all the cleaning ourselves. If the dress is beyond normal wear standards (extremely dirty/stained) you will be charged an extra $25 fee as we have to send the garment to a specalist dry-cleaner.

How do I send my rental back to you?

We post all orders with a postal bag labelled with our address, making your return simple! When you are due to return your garment, you can drop it off at your local post office. Please hand over the counter (to activate the tracking) and not in a post box, as these get emptied irregularly. 

If you cannot make it to a post office you can book a contactless courier pickup from your home by filling out this form

 We operate with NZ post - all return tracking numbers are stored and return progress is monitored 

What if I damage an outfit I've rented or during a try on appointment? 

We understand that accidents happen! Although this is rare, we have more information outlining our damage policy in our terms and conditions as each situation is unique.

What if I don't agree with the terms and conditions?

We have worked really hard to make our T&Cs fair for everyone! If you don't agree with them, unfortunately, you can't rent from us as we cannot change these.  If you have already rented an item, you automatically agree to these T&Cs and are legally bound to them.

You don't have my size/specific dress I want!

We are constantly adding newbies to our collection! If there is a dress you have had your eye on for a while, get in contact with us. We have purchased special request dresses before, so feel free to send us a message. 

If we have left any of your questions unanswered, don't hesitate to contact us using the form below and we will respond asap x

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