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Postal Try-On

Postal Try-On

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Please read our information about postal try-ons before purchasing! 

You must contact us about which garments you want to try on BEFORE purchasing, as not all garments are available for a postal try-on due to being booked.

  • Chose to try on 1, 2 or 3 garments in the comfort of your own home
  • Prices include return shipping and if you decide to rent one of the garments you have tried on, we will send you a unique discount code for you to use at checkout!

Postal try-on costs/Discounts:

These costs include our $14 return shipping (rural addresses will be an extra cost)

1 garment - $34 / $10 off your rental

2 garments - $49 / $15 off your rental

3 garments - $64 / $25 off your rental

Terms & Conditions:

  • To ensure your services run smoothly, you must send back the garments on the same day you receive them. If you are unable to send back the same day because of an unexpected issue arising, please let us know, The garment/s are required to be sent back the next working day at the latest. Late fees apply.
  • Our renting terms and conditions still apply - please read them here
  • Postal try-ons are intended for a fitting only - NOT a rental, so they are to be returned unworn. If there are any marks/smells (tan, dirt, perfume etc) you will be charge a cleaning fee of $25. You are responsible for the garment during the time you have it and will be liable for any damage/theft/replacement.
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