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Damage Waiver

Damage Waiver

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For peace of mind during your rental period!

Our damage waiver ensures you're covered for minor damages, removing any worries and allowing you to fully enjoy your dress! 

Covered instances include:

  • Rips or small breakages (typically $15-$30 for repairs)
  • Minor tailoring, such as zip replacements or hemming ($35-$50)
  • Dry cleaning for any heavier stains ($25-40)

Please note:

This waiver does not extend to significant damage (including serious rips, serious staining that does not come out after dry cleaning etc) and write-offs. If the garment sustains irreparable damage, you'll be responsible for replacement costs.

Please be aware that our standard terms and conditions still apply. The damage waiver does not protect against theft, misplacement, delivery issues, or incorrect or late returns of the garment. For complete details, refer to our Terms & Conditions.

This waiver is non-refundable

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